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Celebrate the 3-8 Women's Day with flowers and deepen Vigon company's party building activities

In the springtime of March, we celebrated the 114th International Women's Day.In order to celebrate this important festival, the party branch of Vigon company specially planned an activity with the theme of flower arrangement, aiming at deepening the party building work of the company, enriching the amateur cultural life of female employees, enhancing the aesthetic quality and creativity of female employees, and displaying the style of women in the new era through this activity which is rich in artistic flavour and cultural connotation.
 VIGON Party Branch Initiative for Clean Holidays

2024 Spring Festival is approaching, in order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the central government, resolutely resist luxury and wastefulness, to prevent the "four winds" problem from rebounding, and to ensure that we have a clean and civilised, joyful, peaceful and clean holiday, VIGON Technology Branch Committee to all employees to issue the following initiative.
Party Group Building, Cohesive Team Strength

In order to further enhance the communication and teamwork among employees, the Party Branch of the company recently organised a villa party. This activity aims to let employees relax and build better co-operation through a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, and at the same time to improve their work motivation and creativity.
Adherence to the Party's ideological leadership to promote the high level of scientific and technological self-reliance of the enterprise

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "the important feature of China's economic development in the new era is that it is shifting from high-speed growth to high-quality development and from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement". Promoting high-quality development is an inevitable requirement for maintaining sustained and healthy economic development, for adapting to the changes in China's socialist contradictions and building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, and for following the development of economic laws.
Red heart to the party to welcome the National Day, to make progress to write a new chapter

In the National Day is approaching, the company held a unique party building activities, aimed at celebrating the birthday of the motherland, while strengthening the staff's party education and patriotism education. The theme of this activity is "Red heart to the party to welcome the National Day, forge ahead to write a new chapter", through a series of colourful activities, let the staff more in-depth understanding of the party's history, theories and policies, and enhance the staff's concept of party spirit and patriotic feelings.
Celebrating the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China - A chronicle of the company's party building activities

This year is the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. To commemorate this important occasion, the Party Branch of the Company organised a series of colourful party building activities. On this special day, we not only reviewed the glorious history of the Party, but also studied in depth the Socialist Thought of Xi Jinping for a New Era with Chinese Characteristics, further enhancing the party spirit and sense of mission of all staff.
2023 Dragon Boat Festival Badminton Competition

In order to enrich the spare time life of the company staff, strengthen the communication and cooperation among them and improve their physical quality, the party branch of the company organised a unique badminton competition on the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival. Let us spend a pleasant and unforgettable time together in this vibrant festival.
Vigon Technology Party Branch organized group building activities in Huangshan

From March 31 to April 1, 2023, in order to build a good corporate culture, create a passionate and happy working atmosphere, and enrich the spare time of employees. In order to further strengthen the team cohesion, enhance the solidarity and cooperation among the team and strengthen the construction of corporate culture, Vigon Technology's partners organized a "two-day and one-night trip to Huangshan Mountain" under the leadership of the company's party branch.
Hefei Vigon Technology Party Group Study the Spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference

The Central Economic Work Conference 2022 was held in Beijing from 15 to 16 December. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. In his important speech, Xi summarised the economic work in 2022, analysed the current economic situation and deployed economic work for 2023. Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang made preparations for next year's economic work. Li Qiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, made a concluding speech.
Conscientiously implementing the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference Ensuring high-quality development with a high level of safety

On December 21, Chen Xinxin, secretary-general of the Central Committee for Political and Legal Affairs, presided over a meeting of the secretary-general to convey and study the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and study the implementation of the views. The meeting stressed the need to earnestly study and implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, adhere to the co-ordination of development and security, guarantee the new development pattern with a new security pattern, guarantee high-quality development with a high level of rule of law, and create a safe and stable political and social environment for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.
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