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What are the application prospects of graphene

What are the application prospects of graphene

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(Summary description)Graphene is a new material in which carbon atoms connected by sp² hybridization are tightly packed into a single-layer two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure [1] . Graphene has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties, and has important application prospects in materials science, micro-nano processing, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery. So what are the application prospects of graphene?

What are the application prospects of graphene

(Summary description)Graphene is a new material in which carbon atoms connected by sp² hybridization are tightly packed into a single-layer two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure [1] . Graphene has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties, and has important application prospects in materials science, micro-nano processing, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery. So what are the application prospects of graphene?

  • Categories:News
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  • Time of issue:2022-06-17
  • Views:558

Graphene is a new material in which carbon atoms connected by sp² hybridization are tightly packed into a single-layer two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure [1] . Graphene has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties, and has important application prospects in materials science, micro-nano processing, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery. So what are the application prospects of graphene?
The first application: the first one is the application in the battery field

Graphene batteries are not made of graphene materials for the entire battery, but graphene materials are used and added to the electrodes or slurry of the battery.

Generally speaking, many non-professional children's shoes will have a wrong perception that graphene batteries are powerful because they can run very far (high energy density).

In fact, the main reason is that graphene can effectively reduce the internal resistance of the battery in the battery, improve the battery rate, charge-discharge performance and cycle life, and the bending of the battery has no effect on the charge-discharge performance.

First and second is the lithium-ion battery

Why is a lithium-ion battery, because it is sick, what disease? Low reversible specific capacity, poor rate performance, poor low temperature performance, short cycle life and poor safety performance.

What to do? The delocalized bonds and delocalized lattice of π electrons endow graphene with good electrical conductivity carrier and heat transfer properties. Therefore, graphene is considered as an ideal electrode material for lithium-ion batteries.

The use of graphene not only improves the electrochemical properties of lithium-ion batteries, but also improves the thermal conductivity of electrode materials and batteries.

The second application of graphene: graphene functional coatings
Graphene coating technology is a relatively mature technology, and a variety of graphene coating products have been applied in China.

It is clear that graphene can be turned into paint, and its excellent performance in optics, electricity, thermodynamics and tribology is inseparable. For example, the special two-dimensional sheet structure of graphene has good chemical stability. The stacking fault arrangement in the coating can not only block the penetration of the corrosive medium to form a physical barrier, but also the surface of graphene is large, and less graphene is used. It can play an effective blocking and physical shielding role.

Also because graphene has a unique two-dimensional layered structure, it is dispersed in the heat dissipation coating, which can delay the deformation and flow of the organic coating caused by heat, and the high thermal conductivity of graphene in the layer ensures that the heat is quickly dispersed throughout the sheet. .

At the same time, the thermal conductivity between the layers of graphene is very poor, so the effect of thermal insulation inside and outside is very good, so that the inner and outer surfaces of the coating have a large temperature gradient, which helps to protect temperature-sensitive equipment. Is it cool on warm clothes? In addition, graphene-doped magnetic particles

It can ensure that the material has both conductivity and strong magnetism, and can be well combined with special functional coatings such as electromagnetic shielding.

The third variation of graphene: graphene composite materials
The principle of graphene composite materials is actually the same as that of graphene functional coatings. It's just that the performance of the coating tends to be more like the characteristics of graphene, and the graphene composite material is more to improve the performance of the composite material. So how do they interact with each other?

If graphene is regarded as A, and the second component material to be compounded is called B, then:

(1) Loading type (hand in hand - candied haws) B pushes against A, A pulls B

(2) Wrapped (dumpling) A wraps B tightly, fearing that B will be deformed by external influences.

(3) Embedded (well, it's a bit like throwing a handful of cereal (graphene) into a pile of black sesame seeds (the second component composite material))
     (4) Layered (sandwich)

The fourth application of graphene: graphene film
The main application directions of graphene films are electronic products (flexible displays) and screening tools.

Flexible display (good flexibility, easy to bend, my mother is no longer afraid of my phone breaking~)

Graphene oxide film has strong ion selection characteristics and can quickly screen ions. This screening effect not only requires very precise ion size, but also has a permeation characteristic that is thousands of times faster than the classic concentration diffusion, which makes it not only used in sewage treatment. , as a permeable membrane used in seawater desalination and other aspects also have good application prospects.

The fifth application of graphene: graphene electronic products
Graphene has broad prospects for development. Let’s look forward to the application of electronic products:

Because of its attractive greenhouse effect, it is suitable for development and in-depth research in the field of electronic engineering, which can enhance the timeliness of the main circuit switch, shorten the switching time, and speed up the response. Integrating the entire circuit on graphene effectively to reduce the integrated size.

The sixth application of graphene: graphite sensor
Graphene has unique physical properties and is a stable material with good mechanical stretchability and electronic properties, which makes it useful in many sensing fields. The electrical properties of graphene can be changed by this contact, so graphene-based nanostructures hold great promise in the field of sensors.

Graphene Seventh Application: Graphene Biomedical Applications
As early as 2012, US imperial scientists developed a tooth chip that can detect germs in the human body. This is a planar electronic chip sensor made of graphene material. It is installed on the surface of the tooth and can be used when the patient breathes and breathes. The information of bacteria in the oral cavity is collected during the time, and the information is transmitted to the computer through the built-in wireless network, and the medical staff can analyze whether the bacteria have the possibility of further infection and spread.

From a biomedical perspective at this stage, our great technicians have been able to accomplish gene delivery, biosensor fabrication, cancer cell imaging, and other related operations through graphene.

In addition, graphene materials are also constantly being explored in cardiovascular prevention and treatment, artificial intelligence and the combination of medical devices, improvement of the human body clock and deep sleep, and fruitful results have been achieved in some fields.

Eighth Application of Graphene: Graphene Environmental Protection Material
Graphene, especially graphene oxide, contains a large number of active functional groups on the surface, such as carboxyl, hydroxy, carbonyl, etc., and its surface is huge.

Therefore, the adsorption capacity is very strong, and it has a good ability to remove micro-pollutants in sewage; at the same time, when it is used as an adsorbent, the quality requirements of graphene are not very high, which reduces the difficulty of practical application.

Graphene has good adsorption and removal ability for fluoride ion, lead, copper, cadmium ion and organic matter in sewage, with high adsorption efficiency and large adsorption capacity. Studies have shown that graphene has higher removal ability of mercury than other adsorbents. 5 times, and the adsorption capacity of lead is 10 times that of activated carbon.

The ninth application of graphene: graphene catalyst
Graphene is an ideal catalyst carrier. In addition to photocatalysis and electrocatalysis, graphene-based composites also have a wide range of applications in hydrogenation and oxidation. In the field of catalysis, graphene's imperfect folds and surface defects just happen to make it better for catalysis.

The tenth application of graphene: graphene antibacterial agent
The graphene antibacterial agent WJAB-1 produced by Hefei Vigon Material Technology is a water-based nano-inorganic non-ionic antibacterial agent whose main component is modified graphene. After nanotechnology treatment, the problems of poor heat resistance, easy hydrolysis and short validity period of general organic antibacterial agents are overcome. The graphene antibacterial agent product does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, aromatic amines and other harmful substances, is safe and harmless to the human body, and meets the national safety testing standards. It has very high broad-spectrum antibacterial properties through CMA and CNAS related tests. Excellent bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect.

The product is easy to use, easily soluble in water, has excellent heat resistance, has little effect on the appearance of the substrate, and is easily adsorbed on the surface of the substrate. It can be widely used in textiles, water-based coatings, sewage treatment, furniture surface treatment, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent and other cleaning products.

Finally: Many products are still in the laboratory stage. In order to make graphene widely used in life, it is necessary to further explore its preparation methods and application technologies to achieve large-scale mass production. Its excellent mechanical, optical, electrical properties, good biocompatibility and excellent storage are bound to make it shine in higher-end applications, such as chips, space elevators, biological materials and new memory, sensors, etc. It shows more attractive application prospects.

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